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    Top Rated Institute for B.Sc degree in Animation & VFX Visual Effects Courses in Indore

    B.Sc Degree in Animation & VFX Visual Effects (3 Years)

    This one is a premier Degree program of Animation & Multimedia.

    During the program, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques which are used in Animation, VFX, Graphics and Web Design. You will be interacting with our Subject Matter Experts, who have worked on projects that have been acclaimed both nationally and internationally.

    What will you learn in this program?

    • Design principles.
    • Aesthetics skills.
    • Creative visualization techniques.
    • Website development and management.
    • 2D and 3D Animation.
    • Visual Effects tools and techniques.
    • Compositing of live action footages and CGI elements.
    1st Year

    Software Skills


    Artistic Skills

    • Graphic Design
    • Principles of Designing
    • Drawing & Perspective
    • Color Theory
    • Typography
    • Layout Design
    • Technical and Creative Writing

    Industry Knowledge

    Spark AR
    AR & VR

    2nd Year

    Software Skills

    HTML 5
    CSS 3
    3ds Max

    Artistic Skills

    • Web Design
    • Web Color Theory
    • Website Navigation
    • Responsive Website Design
    • Principles of Animation
    • 2D Animation
    • Interactive Presentation
    • Modeling
    • Lighting
    • Texturing
    • Rigging
    • 3D Animation

    Industry Knowledge


    3rd Year

    Software Skills

    Premiere Pro
    After Effects
    Sound Forge

    Artistic Skills

    • Video Editing
    • Editing Sound & Adding Effects
    • Techniques for cleaning up and restoring images
    • Creating Motion Graphics
    • 3D Techniques
    • Visual Effects
    • Compositing Techniques

    At the end of each year, you will be required to submit a project that has been created using all the skills learnt throughout the year. This will be followed by a practical exam that will test your skills.

    3D Animation & VFX Visual Effects Course (15 Months)

    This program focuses on providing the required knowledge to start your career in the spectacular Media & Entertainment Industry. It works as a stepping stone to your professional journey.

    Nowadays, Animation and VFX are an integral part of Movies, Web series, TVCs, and many other broadcasting formats. They help to narrate the storytelling in an enhanced way. It had become a must tool of every Director to properly execute their conceived ideas into reality.

    What will you learn in this program?

    • All necessary things to get the jump start in the industry include 2D and 3D Animation, VFX, Photography, and Editing.
    • Holistic knowledge of the industry and workaround.
    • In the 2nd module, you will decide your career goal: 3D or VFX. You will select one module as per your passion and one-to-one discussion with your trainers.
    Module - 1




    Pre-Production60 hrs.
    Photography05 hrs.
    Photoshop20 hrs.
    3ds Max125 hrs.
    Premiere Pro10 hrs.
    After Effects20 hrs.
     Total 240 hrs.

    Module - 2 (Specialize in 3D)

    in 3D



    Substance Designer20 hrs.
    Substance Painter20 hrs.
    Maya150 hrs.
    Houdini50 hrs.
    Mari20 hrs.
    Katana20 hrs.
    Nuke20 hrs.
     Total 300 hrs.

    Moudule - 2 (Specialize in VFX)

    in VFX



    After Effects20 hrs.
    Maya20 hrs.
    Nuke150 hrs.
    PF Track50 hrs.
    Houdini20 hrs.
    3DEqualizer20 hrs.
    Katana20 hrs.
     Total 300 hrs.

    Moudule - 3

    Portfolio Developmet

    You need to submit your demoreel / portfolio to be eligible to receive the Frameboxx certificate. 


    During this __ months, you will be continuously in touch with your mentors for enhancement of your submission. The final grading will be calculated on the basis of your overall performance during the tenure of your course and quality of demoreel / portfolio. 


    Degree in Animation & Multimedia

    During the program, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques which are used in Animation, VFX, Graphics, and Web Design.



    Animation Courses

    Three various programs teaches you complete Production Pipeline. You will develop vast knowledge and practicalities.

    1. Assets

    2. Rigging & Animation

    3. FX / Dynamics

    VFX Course

    You will learn how CG and VFX elements are seamlessly integrated in the live action footage.

    1. Compositing
    2. 3D Tracking and Matchmoving
    3. Motion Graphics
    4. VFX / Effects

    Gaming Course

    This program focuses on creating Digital Video and Mobile Games. It makes you ready as an overall Gaming Artist.

    We provide an internship at leading Gaming Studios – Lakshya Digital and CrazyLabs.

    Graphic Design Course

    This program focuses on teaching Graphic Designing for Broadcast mediums and Social Media Channels.

    It is used in various verticals of Media & Entertainment industries, from print to digital.

    Web Design & Development 

    This program focuses on creating website for business, blogging, news, gaming and many other categories.

    Well-built website also gives credibility to your business. In a long run, it helps to improve your SEO score, baked by user rating and trust factors.


    Frameboxx is affiliated with leading Government Education Entities, Universities, Colleges, and Studios.

    Students Work

    Why Frameboxx


    • Ranked in “Top 25 International Animation Schools and Colleges – 2020 International Rankings” by Animation Career Review
    • Dedicated online and in-class training platform for Students
    • Affiliation with well known Universities to provide Animation Degree course
    • Student loan facility with 0% EMI loan
    • Current industry standard and career focused course curriculum
    • Studio Internship 
    • Awarded the ‘Centre of Excellence’ by MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council)
    • National training studio that is owned and run by Industry professionals
    • Spearheaded by entrepreneurs with 3 decades of expertise
    • Regular webinars and live sessions by industry experts
    • 100% Placement assistance
    • Lectures and guest sessions from Industry experts 
    • Regular workshops, seminars and competitions
    • Project and Portfolio creation 
    • Collaborative learning approach 
    • Personalized attention to students
    • Unlimited practice hours 
    • Regular Studio Visits